Czech Thorn Beads
Czech Thorn Beads

Czech Thorn Beads

Designed by Helena Chmelikova

Necklace and Earrings using Czech Thorn Beads. The slender shap of the Preciosa Thorn pressed bead makes it perfect for hanging and creating an elegant curtain necklace and earrings.

Create the necklace by making 11 pendants, by hanging the Thorn Beads on fine chain and then attaching the pendants onto the bigger chain. The earrings are created by using as many pendants as you want

If you would like to make this Necklace and Earrings the Instructions are available in the Projects section

Elements Required

Simply add the items you require to create this beautiful idea for yourself!


Cable Chain - 1 metre - Silver Base Metal

$20.10 - $24.55

Earwire - Ball and Spring - 18mm

$3.45 - $10.95

Jump Ring - Kit