Dark Grey

Dark Grey

Cliimbing Rope - 5mm - 1 piece



Quantity: 1 meter Colour: Dark Grey

$6.00 Each

Climbing Rope Cord is perfect for creating bold, easy-to-make necklaces and bracelets. Most designs require you to just glue an end piece on one end of the climbing rope, add your embellishment and then add your other end. You can also knot and braid using the specialty findings and clasps for bold interesting designs. Climbing Rope Cord is nylon, durable and colourful 5mm rope. Climbing Rope Cord is composed of two parts - the core and the sheath. The cord is made of braided nylon filament and makes up to 70% of the ropes diameter, the sheath is made of colour nylon which is smoother and woven to allow for some stretch. Quantity: 1 meter Colour: Dark Grey Not suitable for climbing