50mm (Bead and Cord Not included)

50mm (Bead and Cord Not included)

Beadhopper - Pendant Cabochon Base - 50mm - 1 piece

CODE: BH25006

COUNTRY: Germany

Quantity: 1 piece

$43.90 Each

Beadhopper 50mm pendant cabochon base with 2.5mm threading This stylish 50mm pendant cabochon base frames your threadable ring toppers perfectly. Every diameter of cabochon bead looks great because the water rings design of the pendant. Cabochon base with a 4mm high metric threading 2.5mm. The tube at the rear allows to use cords up to a diameter of 4mm. NICKEL FREE Made of brass, covered with a thick layer of pure silver (5-6 micron). Compatible with all existing rings and components with 2.5mm metric threading.