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Beadhopper - Interchangeable Pendulum Kit - Silver


COUNTRY: Germany

Colour: Silver Size: Short - 30cm, Long - 40cm

$27.90 Each

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$27.90 Each

The Beadhopper Interchangeable Pendulum Kits make it easy to create beautiful, functioning pendulums. You can either use a round or oval bead, or make a special cone shaped bead. The pins are already attached to the chain, all you have to do is add your bead with the beadcaps you decide to use. Of course you can also add any of the other beadhopper pieces, like balls or tubes...or silver beads and other pieces from your collection. The stems of the pins are just 1.4mm thick, that not only accommodate the bead caps and filler pieces we offer, but a wide variety of silver beads and precious stones you already have in your bead boxes. Colour: Silver Size: Short - 30cm, Long - 40cm All threaded parts of the system are crafted with an outstanding quality and are covered with a high quality silver plating. The threaded parts are made of brass to guarantee the perfect quality and durability of the fine threadings. The non thread parts are made of copper. Additionally all threaded parts are finished with a tarnish-resistant sealant to keep them looking bright for a long time.