Cord not included

Cord not included

Beadhopper - Multi Carrier Cabochon Base - 4 Rows - 1 piece

CODE: BH25009

COUNTRY: Germany

Quantity: 1 piece

$54.90 Each

MULTI CARRIER 4 Rows Cabochon Base with 2.5mm threading This MULTI-CARRIER is a real multi talent. By using either all 4 - or only 2 tubes for your cord it is possible to wear this cabochon base as an bracelet or a necklace, with the same cord. Changed into a blink of an eye. Easy to mount: first shorten the length of the cord for your needed length to wear the MULTI CARRIER as a 4 row bracelet, then glue the cord into the magnet clasp. The cabochon base has a 4mm high metric threading 2.5mm. NICKEL FREE Made of brass, covered with a thick layer of pure silver (5-6 micron). Compatible with all existing rings and components with 2.5mm metric threading.