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Adhesive - Poly Bonder

CODE: LP27161

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Poly Bonder is a high temperature craft adhesive that is designed to work perfectly with polymer clay craft projects.

Poly Bonder is an instant-bond craft adhesive designed for high temperature use. Safe to bake with Polymer clays and fuses in seconds. It is easy, safe and economical to use and has a no mess brush-on applicator. Ideal for general crafting too and can be used with paper, ceramics, plastic and more. For baking at temperatures up to 300˚F.

by Lisa Pavelka

Blade Set

CODE: LP27220

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Blade Set

Whether working on a small or large project, this clay blade set will have the size you need!

Each set includes three blades, measuring 6 inches (15cm), 4-1/2 inches 911.5cm) and 4 inches (10cm). The set comes with a blade handle and a handy vinyl storage package.

Brush - Hard Bristles - Plastic Handle


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This Hard Bristle brush is great for removing rust and dirt from metal surfaces. It features hard nylon bristles mounted in a heavy duty clear plastic handle.

Can also be used to help polish PMC work.

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