Hammers and Mallets

Bench Block - Steel


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Steel Bench Block

These Bench Blocks are made of Finely Polished Case–Hardened Steel. They are excellent for Laying out work, Flattening Wire and Chasing. Keep this on your work surface, and use it to strengthen your wire work designs and create unique flatten/hammered wire pieces. 

Using a Chasing Hammer, you can strengthen your designs by striking the wire with one or two hits. Using a Ball Pein Hammer, you can create unique textures on your wire and metal pieces. To help reduce the amount of flattening the hammer does to your wire when you hit it to harden it, a Plastic Hammer or Rawhide Mallet could be used.

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Doming Block - Wooden - 2 Punches


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Wooden Dooming Block

The Wooden Dooming Block works really well with sheet metal, to create cute cupped designs, and for removing dents and shaping thin soft metals.

This Wooden Doming Block set includes 2 hardwood punches and a 21/4" (5.7cm) square wooden dapper block. It features 6 hemisoherical depressions of different sizes, one on each side, and 2 punches. This allows the versatility of a variety of depth domes, all in one compact design.

Hammer - Ball Pein



Ball Pein Hammer

These Ball Pein Hammers have one flat end & the other is round. It is used for solid striking force. With its solid steel head, it is excellent for flattening & shaping many types of hard or half-hard wires. You will find this tool very comfortable to use because it is geared with a long yet light wooden handle.

Hammer - Chasing


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Chasing Hammer

The smooth face of this hammer will flare out wire when hammered on a hard smooth surface such as a bench block or anvil. The pein side can be used to make a 'hammered"" effect or to flare eyelets or round out metal designs.

Hammer - Nylon


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Nylon Hammer

This Nylon Hammer has a wooden handle. This hammer cand be used to flatten and shape sheet and wire with no risk of marring. The faces can easily be removed with a half turn.

Hammer - Plastic & Rubber


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Plastic and Rubber Jewellery Hammer

This lightweight Plastic-Rubber Hammer features two different heads, one is a hard yellow plastic and the other is soft black rubber. The plastic head helps avoid the type of marring that a steel hammer might cause. The rubber head is helpful for much more delicate work.

Mallet - Brass


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Brass Mallet

This Brass Mallet has a well made wooden handle that provides extra strength and durability.

Mallet - Dual Head - Mini - 3-in-1


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This Dual Head Mini Malet is the perfect bench jewelers companion.

Comes with three 20mm interchangable hammer faces. Domed Steel, Flat Steel and Domed Nylon.

Mallet - Rawhide


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Rawhide Mallet

Rawhide Mallets are designed to prevent scratching or marring of the metal, thus assuring the quality of the finished piece. They are excellent for work-hardening, flattening, & smoothing metal.

Made with screws rather then nails or staples to secure the rawhide roll. Hand-crafted in the USA from the finest water buffalo hides & hickory handles.

Mallet - Wooden


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Wooden Mallet

Wooden Mallets are great for removing dents from your wire and flattening your designs.

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