Clamps and Holders

Bench Pin with V-slot and Clamp


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Bench Pin with V-slot and Clamp

Clamp to surfaces up to 2" (5cm) thick and offers the combination of a milled, smooth anvil with a replaceable wooden pin

Quality hardwood with a deluxe clamp which clamps easily onto benched edge with up to 1-3/4" (4.5cm) thick.

Clamps - Bead Stopper


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Bead Stopper Clamps

We all know how frustrating it can be when all the beads youve just strung accidentally slip off the thread. This simple and handy little device clips to the end of your thread to keep beads in place while youre working. No more spilled beads to clean up, or starting from scratch. The easy to use Bead Stopper is ideal for fine thread.

The Bead Stopper Clamps are made from stainless steel to prevent rust.

Clamps - Hemostat


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Hemostat Clamp

This Hemostat Clamp is use to hold small components. Prevents beads from slidiing off of unfinished strung jewellery projects.

This Hemostat Clamp features stainless steel construction and 3-stage locking handles that ensure a secure hold.

Total lenght of clamp 5" (12.5 cm)

by BeadSmith

Clamps - Mini Spring - 2pcs


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Mini Spring Clamps

These Mini Spring Clamps will hold your work when clamping is necessary.

They are 2" (5cm) and the tips are rubber coated to protect the surface.

Clamps - Ring - Wooden


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Ring Clamps - Wooden with Leather Lined Jaw

Ring Clamps are a great tool - especially for silversmithing and metal work. Holds your ring nice and firmly with out damaging it, whilst you sand, file, buff or polish it.

Simply open up the clamp, which can be used at either end, slip you ring into one end, and then push the wedge up into the other end to hold tight. One end of the clamp if rounded, and the other is squared and both have leather lining on the inside of the jaw to help protect your work.

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