Adhesives and Resins

Adhesive - Bail Bond - No Days


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Bailbond is a specially formulated heat activated adhesive designed to adhere jewelry bails quickly and with no mess. Easily change out your bails by simply re-heating Bailbond to re-work the bond.

NO Days BailBond is designed with an elevated phase-change temperature of 160F/71C (point at which it is heated and turns from a solid to a liquid). Heat gun or embossing heat tool recommended to provide elevated temperature requirements.

Adhesive - Dazzle Tac - 29.6ml (1FL OZ)


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Dazzel Tac Jewellery Glue

Dazzel Tac is an extra strong, permanent glue for base metals, semi-precious stones, glass, beads, bone, mirror and more. Quick grab for immediate hold, always flexible and never brittle.

Dazzel Tac dries crystal clear and is water-proof and UV resistance for greater durability. Superior impact resistant formula so that stones and findings stay put.

by Beacon

Adhesive - Diamond Glaze - 59.15ml (2FL OZ)


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Diamond Glaze.

Diamond Glaze is a water-based dimensional adhesive that dries to a clear glass-like finish. It securely hold vellum, glass beads, glitter and many other mediums. Mixable with dye-based inks, watercolours, pearlescent pigments and more.

Use directly over artwork for a raised glass like finish. Thin with water for a lacquer-like finish. Can be coloured with dye ink.

Adhesive - Double sided Tape

CODE: BSttt3

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Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Special double-sided tape that adheres to any hard surface and will firmly hold Micro Beads, Seed Beads & Delicas.

Adhesive - Fabric Glue - 118ml


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Fabric Glue

Fabric Glue is washable, flexible and dries clear. Glues fabrics together and dries at room temperature for 24 hours. Leave to cure 7-10 days before washing. 

Will not stain most fabrics, but must be tested before use.

by Crafters Pick

Adhesive - Gem-Tac - 59.15ml (2FL OZ)


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Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive and Embellishing Glue

Gem-Tac is an adhesive that can bond gems, sequins, glitter, 'Micro Beads' and rhinestones to fabric. This glue is ideal for attching rhinestones to porous material (wood, fabric, suede) without damaging the metallic backing.

Gem-Tac requires only a small amount to hold; dries clear. Permanent, water-based, non-toxic and washable. Allow to dry  for 24 hours.

by Beacon

Adhesive - Glaze and Glue


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Glaze & Glue is a thick acrylic goop that cleans up with water, is non-toxicand acid free. Glaze & Glue creates a shiny/matte protective surface on paper.

Great adhesive for  paper, beads, gitter and vellum. One two ounce bottle will make more than a hundred pendants.

Adhesive - Jewel Bond - 118ml


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Jewel Bond

Jewel Bond is washable, non toxic and water-based. A glue for gems, rhinestones, sequins, glitter and other decorative embellishments. Gives a permanent washable bond to fabric.

Dries clear and will not stain most fabrics, but must be tested before use. Use as a washable fabric glue as well as gluing decoraive embellishments. It is all right to hand wash after 5 days.

by Crafters Pick

Adhesive - Poly Bonder

CODE: LP27161

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Poly Bonder is a high temperature craft adhesive that is designed to work perfectly with polymer clay craft projects.

Poly Bonder is an instant-bond craft adhesive designed for high temperature use. Safe to bake with Polymer clays and fuses in seconds. It is easy, safe and economical to use and has a no mess brush-on applicator. Ideal for general crafting too and can be used with paper, ceramics, plastic and more. For baking at temperatures up to 300˚F.

by Lisa Pavelka

Adhesive - Poly Bonder - Glue Holder

CODE: LP27303-1

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No more worries about spilling your bottle of Poly Bonder™. Use this holder to secure the bottle on your workstation. Poly Bonder™ fits securely into the opening either upright or at an angle to get the last bit of Poly Bonder™.

by Lisa Pavelka

Adhesive - Super New Glue - 3g (0.10 oz)


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Super New Glue

Super New Glue is a  super strength cyanoacrylate adhesive sets and cures rapidly at room temperature. New-Glue bonds rubber, metal, glass, and plastic. This glue dries clear and has an excellent resistance to chemicals and low temperature.

Adhesive - Zap Gel - 3g (0.10 oz)


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Zap Jewellery Gel

Zap No-Drip Jewellery Gel is the thickest and strongest Cyanoacrylate glue available. The tube comes with a long tapered tip allowing precise application. The extra thick consistency of Zap Gel keeps it from dripping or running.

Zap Jewellery Gel instantly bonds metal, leather, porcelain, wood, plastic or rubber and cures in 15 seconds.

Adhesive - Zap-A-Gap - 14.1g (0.5 oz)


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Zap-A-Gap Gel

Zap-A-Gap Gel is the best Cyanoacrylate glue available. Fills gaps and bonds anything even oily surfaces.

Zap-A-Gap Gel instantly bonds metal, leather, porcelain, wood, plastic or rubber and cures in 20 seconds.Ideal for gluing memory wire end caps.

Adhesive - Zap-A-Gap - Single Use


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Single use includes just the right amount of glue for one use. Each of the 5 tubes come with a self-piercing precision applicator tip.

Zap-A-Gap Gel is the best Cyanoacrylate glue available. Fills gaps and bonds anything even oily surfaces.

Zap-A-Gap Gel instantly bonds metal, leather, porcelain, wood, plastic or rubber and cures in 20 seconds.Ideal for gluing memory wire end caps.

Adhesive Lacquer - 3D Crystal - 59.15ml (2FL OZ)


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3D Crystal Lacquer

This 3D Crystal Lacquer is crystal clear, so you can create beautiful handmade jewellery or bring your artwork to three-dimensional life. Less bubbles than similar adhesives.

3D Crystal Lacquer dires clear with a glass-like finish.

Acid free and Non Toxic

Brush - Adhesive


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Adhesive Brush

These Adhesive Brushes are great to apply glue to your projects. Not only can it be used for applying glue but also patina and other chemicals.

by BeadSmith

Instaneedle Kit


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The InstaNeedle kit contains a simple two (2) step system for creating a needle from your beading thread. 

InstaNeedle Primer is a strong, super thin penetrant that will soak into the fibers of your thread creating a strong bonding base for the creation of your thread needle.
Some thread will create a strong enough needle with just this application. 
InstaNeedleX is used for an even stronger needle, soaking into the fibers of your thread creating a strong thread-needle.
It can be applied alone or as a second coating following the application of InstaNeedle Primer.

Resin - Ice Resin


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Ice Resin

This kit has everything you need to get started using ICE Resin, with enough quantity to play around and perhaps even try resin casting.

It comes with the two-part formula of Resin and Hardener, stir sticks, measuring cups and directions for use. ICE Resin is the easiest resin product you’ll ever use- cures at room temperature.

ICE Resin- 8 oz. kit contains: 4 oz. of Resin
                                              4 oz. of Hardener
                                              12 cups
                                              12 stir sticks
                                              Step by step instructions.

Resin - Magic Gloss - UV resin

CODE: LP6605

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Magic Gloss is a UV resin that cures in minutes using direct sunlight, a UV lamp or fluorescent black light.

It’s MAGIC! This 1 step process is easier than 1-2-3. No additional sealing or cleansing methods are required. Magic-Glos® is an amazing dimensional medium that can be used on most surfaces. It can be applied without dams or sidewalls to contain it. A must-have to help gloss, seal & protect jewelry, polymer clay, and craft creations.

Create a flat or domed glass-like finish on charms and pendants. No mixing required - just apply right from the bottle. May be tinted with transparent resin dyes. Can be molded in silicone molds, embed with glitter, dried flowers, beads, charms, etc. and is terrific for most paper arts.

Cures in 15 minutes with direct sunlight or with UV Lamp with no shrinkage. Crystal clear, waterproof finish which magnifies your design.Can be lightly sanded to create a matte or satin finish. Non-toxic handling and no odor.

by Lisa Pavelka

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