Nylon Thread

Nylon Beadstring - Size 8 (FFF) - 11 metres


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This is great for creating floating bead necklaces or lariats, where you knot each pearl or bead in place. However, it does have many more uses! This is simply what I have been using it for.

Nylon Thead - Imitation Silk - 1 Spool

CODE: PH05135

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Braided Nylon Cord, Imitation Silk String Thread, Colorful

Nylon Thread - Crystal String - 0.5mm - 50m


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Nylon Thread - Crystal String is strong and durable.

A multi-functional crystal nylon thread and is great for stringing beads, stones charms and pendants. Used for making necklaces, bracelets anklets etc or used for fishing line.

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