Large Beads

Acrylic - Skulls - 22mm x 13mm - 5 pieces


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These Antique Acrylic Halloween Skulls are great to decorate your key rings, necklaces, or to wear as earrings as they are lightweight.

Acrylic/Resin with Metal - Round - 16mm x 13mm - 1 Piece


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Handmade Round Indonesian Style Beads with a metal core.

Special - Seconds - Glass Murano Pendant


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These have some imperfections, some visible

These Murano Pendant are Heart shaped glass with a layer of silver or gold foil throughout the entire pendant and is scattered with small spots of bronze/gold foil.

As these pendants are all handmade, they may have slight imperfections, due to the nature in which they are created.

Special - Seconds - Pendant - Donut - 1pc

CODE: SecondsCO

In stock

These have some imperfections, some visible

The photos vary from each pendant, they are a sample of what they look like

Great little pendants

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