Simple Earrings

Earwires - Ball and Spring - 25 Pairs


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These are high quality plated earwires. These are the most common earwires found, as they are stylish and easy to use.

Eyepins - 25mm - 50 Pieces


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Eyepins are a length of wire with a loop at one end. This allows you to thread beads on, without them falling off the end. Once you have threaded your beads, you simply make a loop at the other end. You can then attach it to another pin, earwire and string material.

These are perfect for people wanting to make jewellery for themselves, or to add to their collection of supplies.

Findings - Metal - 25g


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It can be used in all kinds of decoration, such as cloth ornaments, earring findings, and other situations.

Jump Rings - 6mm - 100 Pieces


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These are good quality jumprings that give the finishing touch to all of your jewellery. They are very versatile and you can use them for so many things. Small and easy to use, these are a must have for any beader.

Montee Bead - Rhinestone - Square - 4mm x 4mm - 50 Piece


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Montee beads have a Rhinestone that comes pre-mounted in a pronged metal mount with 4 holes in an x-shape in the back of the mount. Set in silver plate metal pronged settings, the backs have criss cross holes for sewing or wiring into your designs. These could be used as tiny buttons too.

Pliers - Budget


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Budget Pliers.

Fantastic value Pliers. Just getting started in jewellery making? Don't want to spend a fortune on tools? Then these are the pliers for you!

Just because they are called "Budget" don't be fooled into thinking they are bad quality.

Made in Japan

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