Instaneedle Kit


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The InstaNeedle kit contains a simple two (2) step system for creating a needle from your beading thread. 

 InstaNeedle Primer is a strong, super thin penetrant that will soak into the fibers of your thread creating a strong bonding base for the creation of your thread needle.
Some thread will create a strong enough needle with just this application. 
InstaNeedleX is used for an even stronger needle, soaking into the fibers of your thread creating a strong thread-needle.
It can be applied alone or as a second coating following the application of InstaNeedle Primer.
After applying the first coat on your thread with the InstaNeedle Primer, dip the thread into the InstaNeedle X, strip off excess liquid, and allow to dry.  

Kit contains: one (1) 10 gm bottle of InstaNeedle Primer
                  one (1) 10 gm bottle of InstaNeedle-X
                  two (2) InstaNeedle applicators.

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