Tassel Earrings

Quick and easy to make earrings

Earwires - Ball and Spring - 25 Pairs


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These are high quality plated earwires. These are the most common earwires found, as they are stylish and easy to use.

Jump Rings - 6mm - 100 Pieces


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These are good quality jumprings that give the finishing touch to all of your jewellery. They are very versatile and you can use them for so many things. Small and easy to use, these are a must have for any beader.

Tassel - Pendant - 25mm - 31mm


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Polyester Tassel Pendant Decorations

Tassel Maker Tool

CODE: BS216S100

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Tassel Maker Tool

Tassels are all the rage and the Tassel Maker Tool makes it easier than ever to include them in your designs. Use the justable mandrels to make tassels up to 3.5 inches (9cm) long.

Comes complete with instructions which are this easy. Wind the Cotton Tassel Cord or another stringing material around the mandrels untill your tassels is the desired thickness, then follow the included instructions to tie off, cut, and trim to make the perfect tassel.

Create matching tassel earrings or longer tassel pendants and finish off with cones or wrap wire to customize your desings.

by Beadalon

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