Coin Kit - USA


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USA Coin Kit

These coins are reproductions of USA coins and make wonderful inclusions into your creations. Great for use with polymer clay, Magic-Glos™ UV resin, beads, crystals and much more.

by Lisa Pavelka

Glass Fusing - Kiln Paper - Fuseworks


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Fuseworks Kiln Paper prevents glass from sticking to the base of the kiln. The smooth surface of the kiln paper translates to a smooth finish on the back of fired projects.

Cut pieces to fit. Intended for one time use.

Kaleidoscope Kit


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Kaleidoscope Kit

Just for fun! This 2.5" (5.7cm) Brass Kaleidoscope Kit offer an easy to make, unusual and unique kaleidoscope. The eyepiece and endpieces are designed to easily screw together for quick and flexible assembly and dis-assembly. An Optical lens is included to allow for focusing on the viewing gems.

Instructions are included.

Kit - Fuse Bead Set - Flower


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Flower DIY Melty Beads Fuse Beads Sets: Fuse Beads, ABC Pegboards, Cardboard Templates, and Gummed Paper, Mixed Colour

Loom Bands - Accessories


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Rubber Loom Accessories including Acrylic Cube Alphabet Beads, Iron Jump Rings, Craft PVC Charms and Tools all Mixed Colours

Just add the rubber band to make different color & style bracelet.

Loom Bands - Rubber - Refills - Fluorescent Neon


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Fluorescent Neon Color Rubber Loom Bands Refills with Accessories

Loom Bands - Rubber - Refills - Mixed


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Rubber Loom Band Refill

Mica Sheets - 2 pieces


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Natural Mica Sheets for mixed media projects.

Mica is a this rock which is comprised of numerous layers which can be split and divided and is an excellent embellishment for mixed media projects. Although it is technically a rock it has the appearance of aged, crackled glass or plastic.

Please note: this product scratches and splinters easily.

Polymer Clay - Nail Art Decorations - Tubes - 10 Piece - No Hole


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The pattern of these polymer clay nail art decorations is very cute and colourful. These handmade tubes can be cut into many pieces and used in your designs.

Due to handmade nature, colour and size may vary

Resin - Ice Resin


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Ice Resin

This kit has everything you need to get started using ICE Resin, with enough quantity to play around and perhaps even try resin casting.

It comes with the two-part formula of Resin and Hardener, stir sticks, measuring cups and directions for use. ICE Resin is the easiest resin product you’ll ever use- cures at room temperature.

ICE Resin- 8 oz. kit contains: 4 oz. of Resin
                                              4 oz. of Hardener
                                              12 cups
                                              12 stir sticks
                                              Step by step instructions.

Steam Punk - Embellish Bits - 32.6 grams


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This kit is full of watch parts and gears, perfect for creating your steampunk designs. This is an assortmetn of vintage metal and accent pieces.

by Christi Friesen

Waterslide Transfers

CODE: LP27029

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Waterslide Transfers

The transfers are great for all kinds of craft projects. They can be used on polymer clay, paper, metal, wood, glass and more.

by Lisa Pavelka

Waterslide Transfers - Blank

CODE: LP27011

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Blank Waterslide Transfers

Use these blank waterslide transfers to design and develop your own unique transfers.  It is easy to use: just create your own images using photos, clip art or your own drawings and then place a sheet of the blank waterslide transfer paper in your inkjet printer and hit print. Now you have your own transfers, just follow the directions on the back of the package to transfer your design.

The transfers are great for all kinds of craft projects. They can be used on polymer clay, paper, metal, wood, glass and more.

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